Friday, April 07, 2006

Visit the Lindsay home online!

The Vachel Lindsay Home is an Illinois state historic site and a national treasure. If you live in or around Springfield and haven't visited the house, you're really missing out. "When glad vacation time" begins and you're planning to visit Springfield, perhaps to see the Abraham Lincoln home or presidential museum, you really should make it a point to drop by the Lindsay home and take a free tour. After all, don't you really know all there is to know about Lincoln already? Do what Lindsay would do and get the best hotel room in town and stay an extra day just to see this gem of a home.

If it is utterly impossible for you make it to the Lindsay home, or you simply want to avoid the hoards of philistine tourists (ha!), the next best thing is to treat yourself to a virtual tour on your computer, especially if you have a high-speed connection. Even if you still are struggling with a dial-up connection (like myself), the download time is well worth the wait. It takes longer for me to download the virtual tour than to get in my car and drive there, but that's not saying a lot.

The virtual tour consists of several 360 degree panoramic images inside and outside the house, upstairs and downstairs. The first image will show the great difference between the appearance of the house today compared to the image shown on this post. See the gorgeous furniture and zoom in on the splendid reproductions of Lindsay's original artwork, such as the Shield of Lucifer or the Wedding of the Rose and the Lotus. Let the virtual tour entice you into making a pilgrimage to this shrine of American poetry.

Thanks to the good offices of the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, the virtual tour of the Lindsay home is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year. And you won't have to worry about tracking in mud on the carpet or your kid knocking over some priceless Lindsay heirloom. And it's always a sunny day at the virtual Lindsay home, only without the heat, glare and dangerous UV ray exposure of actual sunshine.

Visit NOW!


Anonymous said...
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Job Conger/Writer's Chronicle said...

Larry --
. . . Congratulations on a fine Vachel blog which I'm sure many will enjoy reading as much as I have on my first (the first of many, I'm sure) visits. I have also heard rave reviews about your web site about Vachel; news to me though I knew you were launching a site about the Elija Iles House. Hope you will blog in a link to your web site, and if you enjoy my Lindsay website - I hope you will post a link to it as well. Kudos, congrats and thanks!

Larry Stevens said...

Thanks, Job. I've linked to your blog.

360 virtual tour said...

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Anonymous said...

My grandfather, John Frazee, and Vachel's mother, Catherine Frazee, were siblings.....why am I having so much trouble accessing the Lindsay website?

Pauline Frazee

Larry Stevens said...


It's great to hear from a descendent of "The Proud Farmer".

The old VLA website was discontinued due to poor service and high costs. The Board decided to take advantage of the free webspace at instead.

You wouldn't have been able to post comments at the old site, and this site is far more reliable.

You're the first Lindsay relative to leave a comment here. We hope you tell the rest of your family about it and come back often.

Larry Stevens, Secretary
The Vachel Lindsay Association

Anonymous said...

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