Thursday, November 09, 2006

Join the VLA

Join The Vachel Lindsay Association today and support our mission to keep the spirit of this great American poet and dreamer alive for all generations.

Our annual membership dues are $25.00 for Individuals, $35.00 for Family membership, $50.00 for Patrons and $100.00 Sustaining. We publish a quarterly newsletter and hold an annual meeting and banquet each November near Lindsay's birthday. We support activities at the Vachel Lindsay Home State Historic Site and special functions in the community. Your membership this year will help us to restore the "Rose and Lotus" mural in Downtown Springfield.

Send your check made payable to The Vachel Lindsay Association to:

The Vachel Lindsay Association
P.O. Box 9356
Springfield, IL 62791-9356


Alanna Reynolds said...

I tried to send information to VLA using the address list - But it has been returned - Not deliverable as addressed.
P.O. Box 9356
Springfield, IL 62791-9356
Has the address changed?

Thanks -

Larry Stevens said...

Sorry about that. I'm checking on it to see what the problem is.

Either I've got the wrong address posted or we need to pay a bill.

Anonymous said...

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